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Roar of the Welsh Dragon

Jan 18, 2016 | News

Welsh farmers have voted with their feet when it comes to BioGas CHP, with 15 new units snapped up in the past 2 months by farmers in the Powys and Hereford region.

This unprecedented level of interest shows a key change in the way farmers are thinking about how they generate their required heat and power and the realisation by farmers of the possibility of huge revenue opportunities of renewables earnings from BioGas CHP.

New BioGas CHP systems mean that farmers can generate the electricity and heat they need to run their farms in a low cost and environmentally friendly way, without breaking the bank.

With these systems, farmers no longer have to rely on oil or other expensive heating methods and can also benefit from the renewable energy incentives offered by the government. They could earn up to £75,000 per year in government incentives alone. For these farmers it turned out to be a no-brainer to install these innovative systems. And we’re sure the trend is set to continue.

Here at Arbor Heat and Power our systems generate heat and power using nothing but wood chip to produce a low cost, low carbon fuel which is used to power an engine. And with very clean gas being produced by our systems, there’s no need to remove any tar. And if there’s no tar to remove then the costs of tar management such as shutdowns of the system and maintenance are greatly reduced. Good for the environment and good for your wallet. But that’s not all.

volter_2_unitsWith no visible smoke produced, our systems can even be used in smoke-free areas.

Why are BioGas CHP systems suitable for farms in particular? Well our systems can produce electric to, for example, milk the cows on a dairy farm, whilst simultaneously producing heat to heat all farm buildings. Perfect for the busy farmer.

Our systems are also able to get the highest returns possible from the government’s renewable heat (RHI) and renewable electricity (ROC) initiatives and by installing one of systems you too could earn up to £75,000 per year through these initiatives.

We have also designed the smallest system on the UK market, meaning that if you buy your BioGas CHP system through us you’ll get more KWh per square metre than any other system like it.

We’ve also installed one of our systems at Holywell Farm, the first UK based farm to be accredited with both ROCs and RHIs, so we fully understand the benefits the Welsh farmer’s will see from their new systems.

Are you tempted to follow in the footsteps of the Welsh farmers? Here at Arbor Heat and Power we offer a number of different financing options, built with customers in mind. If you have any questions or comments about finance or any other aspect of our systems then please contact us, we’re always happy to hear from anyone who wants to talk about the revolution that is BioGas CHP.

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