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Warren Farm

Β The perfect renewable accompaniment to farmer’s AD plant

Warren Farm

Knighton, Powys

Warren Farm is situated in Knighton, Powys and is home to an extensive Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant development installed by David and Trisha Parry. David and Trisha are arable farmers and have numerous operations that span from arable to chicken rearing.

David is very well known in the area and is considered by many to be a leader when it comes to renewables and is always at the forefront of new technologies. So after detailed research, we were pleased that David selected the ArborElectrogen system to complement the existing AD plant.

When installing their newly completed AD plant, David and Trisha Parry had the foresight to allow for extra capacity in both the export grid connection and the heat exchanger to allow for a small scale advanced gasification system to be installed to further their investment in renewables. With a maximum of 50kW spare export and 100kW thermal capacity spare the ArborElectrogen45 was the perfect fit.

The heat from the arborElectroGen will be used primarily to heat the offices and working building for the AD plant but surplus heat will be used to dry wood chip, digestate and other materials in a multipurpose drier.

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