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Slacks Farm

Supporting biomass sales with year round quality, regardless of the weather!

Slacks Farm

Lochmaben, Dumfries

Our first project development in Scotland utilises 2 x Arbor Electrogen 45 Units with the heat being used to provide a chip drying function for a biomass business. Electricity is being used for powering this drying process as well as providing domestic power requirements and other general onsite farm uses. After all of these demands are satisfied there is still some power to sell onto the national grid.


The project will enable the operator to dry wood chips with the lowest possible cost and is therefore able to offer high quality low moisture wood chips year-round whilst also earning an income from the renewable heat incentive to support the investment costs.

Low Cost Rural Power

Use rural resources to provide rural energy – both heat and power. There is no better way to reduce your energy costs.


Secure Revenue Streams

Guaranteed (secure) long term revenue from renewable incentives to secure your investment

Farm Diversification

An abundance of affordable local energy means that a range of once challenging farm and rural projects can be achieved.

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