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Kempele Ecovillage Finland

Solutions which are stress tested in one of the worlds harshest environments.

Kempele Ecovillage

Kempele, Finland

Our technology partners Volter OY have developed what is possibly the world’s most demanding application of biomass gasification technology. Operating well within the Arctic circle the Kempele Ecovillage is an off grid community of approximately 10 newly built homes which are built to the highest environmental standards.

Even more impressive is that the sole source of electrical and heat energy is 2 x Arbor Electrogen CHP units, which work in tandem with batteries and thermal storage vessels to keep the homes lit and warm throughout the year, often in conditions below minus 30 degrees centigrade.

The CHP installations have operated in excess of 40,000 hours and are still on the original engines which were installed over 5 years ago.


This is testament to the robustness of the solution and is an unparalleled example of a community which totally depends on gasification technology, not only to live, but also to survive.

Arbor heat and power can bring this same engineering and attention to detail to bear on UK projects where although often set in less “life threatening” locations, you can be confident on the system doing what was promised, and continuing to do so many years into the future.

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