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Laimet Wood Chippers

The gasification process demands a coarse and clean wood chip quality. This type of chip can be produced via a process of either screening or by using a special type of chipper.

Screening involves the use of either a vibrating flat or rotating cylindrical (trommel) sieve to remove small particles from the chip which impede the gasification process.

Although screening works well for some applications, unless the producer has a use for the fines (dust) then the waste created can become expensive and inconvenient.

This is where screw chippers come into their own. Unlike conventional chipping machines which “smash” wood with a shear force, screw chippers cut or shave pieces off the trunk and the infeed momentum is provided by the rotation of the screw itself. Just like other chipping machines, screw chippers can be set up to provide different sizes of wood chip by altering mainly the “pitch” of the screw blade (i.e. the spacing between blades).

Arbor Heat and Power have teamed up with Laimet to bring robust, reliable and economical screw chippers into the UK market. These solutions are ideally suited to gasification processes and provide clean and consistent wood quality without the need for screening. These machines come in a variety of sizes to suit different wood diameters and tractor power outputs. The simplest versions of these machines are fed directly from a tractor PTO shaft, using the rotation of the shaft to power the machine, however stationary electric drive options are also available.

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