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Fuel Requirements

The simplest and most economical fuel for biomass gasification

Choosing the right fuel and fuel supplier


Everyone loves chips!

Getting biomass into the correct form is essential for biogas installations which operate with gasification. The process of gasification requires coarse and dust free fuel. The reason for this is that the gas generation process occurs deep within a stack of biomass material, and the gas must have a clear path to escape in order to be used later.

Common with conventional biomass boiler installations, the fundamental choice which potential operators must make is whether to go with wood chips or pellets as the fuel source.

Quite simply wood chips:

  • are far cheaper per kWh energy content than wood pellets
  • require less drying than wood pellets reducing their embodied energy content
  • are more sustainable because of the simplicity of the manufacturing process
  • are more tolerant of moisture acquired through storage thus reducing potential wastage

Traditionally the UK biomass supply market has not been aware of the fuel requirements for gasification projects or how to go about meeting its coarse and dry characteristics. This is the key challenge with wood chips.

However since the advent of the renewable heat incentive, together with its focus on atmospheric emissions we have seen a proliferation of biomass production facilities throughout the UK which provide dry biomass fuel. This same focus on fuel quality means that suppliers are now able to meet a wide variety of specifications, including those which are suitable for gasification projects. Some larger suppliers do this by screening their stock, others use chipping machines which reduce the dust, fines and wastage. In short it is no-longer a problem finding suitable suppliers of fuel. We are able to assist clients in either sourcing fuel from the market or creating and drying their own fuel. Drying your own fuel can also present a useful way to extend the operating hours of a CHP plant which would otherwise perhaps not operate during certain times of the year.

Accredited Fuel Suppliers

We are creating a network of fuel suppliers around the UK who can create the correct fuel for our systems in terms of coarseness and moisture content. If you are looking for a fuel supplier or are interested in potentially joining our network of fuel suppliers then please get in touch.

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